“Andy's creative thinking and fact based approach to problem solving combined with his deep experience managing technology businesses makes him an effective and uniquely qualified business leader.”
Adel Al-Saleh - CEO, NGA Human Resources and Northgate Information Solutions Group

“A pleasure to deal with”
Mike Zisman – CEO, Golf Genius Software

"Andy develops and inspires leaders across the world to reach a higher level of performance…he has a relentless focus and energy to get the most important, complex and deep problems solved."
Mito Mackin - CEO, Global Value Systems

“Andy brings a unique perspective given his breadth of experience as an executive at IBM. Having access to Andy’s insights and innovative ideas are a true asset for our company.”
Craig LeGrande - Founder & Managing Director, Mainstay

“Andy Monshaw is the man you want working at your side when things are tough, extremely experienced, capable and utterly focused on getting to a winning outcome."
Steve O'Donnell – Former Global Head of Data Centre Operations, BritishTelecom

"Andy is an energetic, charismatic leader admired by his team, highly ethical, straight to the point type of an individual. Andy brings deep dive analytical analysis to the business coupled with understanding of market trends”. 
Giora Yaron - Chairman, Executive Council Tel Aviv University and Angel Investor

"As a first time CEO,  Andy has guided me to see the big picture and to think big... ". 
Ron Elitzer – CEO, Movoli

“Andy demonstrated remarkable insight in understanding our strategy, helped us making it more focused and identified the steps required for its successful implementation”.
Lubo Cheytanov - CEO, L3C

“Andy is a very talented technology executive, with amazing drive, and business acumen.”
Barry Rudolph - CEO and Founder, Corralitos Technologies, LLC 

"Andy possesses many unique talents.  He has an insightful business mind and is a most capable leader.  He inspires other to excel. Andy has the incredible ability to gather the facts, see thru the complexity, and frame creative, innovative approaches"
Bob Samson - Cofounder, Skapture
Former member of NY State Governors SAGE Commission
Chair of the SAGE Commission I/T Subcommittee

“An extremely creative executive who can think strategically and execute operationally".
William M. Zeitler - CEO, Northern Cross, Former SVP IBM Systems and Technology Group

“High-integrity, high-energy, resourceful, on a mission.”
Doron Kempel - CEO, Simplivity Corporation

“Andy Monshaw is one of the best executives I have ever had the pleasure of working with.   He not only understands the importance of the customer in every selling and delivery situations, he is quick to grasp the strategic nature of all business opportunities.”
Mark Shirman - CEO, RiverMeadow Software, Inc.

“Andy leads strategically, executes specifically, and develops broad leadership talent to understand and lead accordingly.”
Lindon Robertson – Executive VP & CFO, Brooks Automation

“Andy is the consummate professional and a huge asset to IABPro and our clients”
Greg Duplessie - Managing Partner, IABPro

“Andy repeatedly demonstrated a unique ability to identify groundbreaking technologies that had the potential to make a difference in the marketplace”
Meir Nissensohn - Angel Investor, Consultant, Former CEO IBM Israel

“Andy Monshaw is a change agent who provided great strategic direction and guidance to our business, his  vast network of key contacts and his business acumen proved invaluable”.    
Kirk Zaranti - Vice President, IBM Solutions & Avnet, Logicalis

"Andy has the great ability to blend emerging technology based trends with pragmatic go-to-market capabilities to capture unique market opportunities."
Brooks Borcherding - Former CEO, Navisite
SVP Enterprise and Carrier Sales Time Warner Cable.

“Bold, Aggressive”
Seiji Higashiue - CEO, JBCC Corporation - Japan

“Andy understood CloudShare in 30 minutes and in the next 30 minutes had already offered enlightening recommendations”
Zvi Guterman - Founder and CEO, CloudShare Inc.