Andy Monshaw - Founder and CEO

As Founder of Actus Advisors, I bring 30 years of Financial and General Management experience to your business challenges. Over my career, I have led large financial organizations, run global businesses, have lived and worked in the US, Europe and Japan. I specialize in M&A and restructuring activities, building channels of distribution, finding and exploiting new markets, and delivering overall business improvements.

Actus Advisors has an extensive network of industry experts, professionals and business partners we can leverage to ensure you get the best, most comprehensive and practical solutions to your growth or right-sizing needs.

We specialize in advising / working with startups, mid-cap companies, and channels of distribution.

AboUT Actus Advisors


What We Do

We take a hands-on approach.  Actus Advisors spend time with your team, understand your business, get to know your clients and channels of distribution - then develop a detailed, fact-based framework and execution plan to deliver on your goals. 

We have worked with hundreds of startups, mid-caps, and value-added channels of distribution. There is often a gap between the current state and the art-of-the-possible, and many companies have not fully leveraged the capabilities of Information Technology, or there are inhibitors to moving to a serviced based delivery model. 

We find channels of distribution that are adjacent and complimentary. We help identify acquisitions, or areas of the business that are not core. We help rationalize the portfolio as well as the resource deployment models. We are able to ensure a better financial profile.

Net: we bring large enterprise knowledge and make it consumable by smaller, more nible companies.